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2013 FNCE- Speaker Handouts

Montana Dietetic Association - FNCE 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elizabeth Pash - "Benefits of Early Enteral Nutrition

Enteral Nutrition powerpoint slides

Terese Scollard - "Adult Malnutrition: Challenges and Opportunities in our New Health Care Environment"

Malnutrition handout

Malnutrition sample policy

Powerpoint slides handout

Pam Wagner - "Nutrition Support Update: Everyday Application of New Evidence and Standards"

 Powerpoint slides handout

Laurie Forster - "Perfect Pairings: The Art and Science of Food and Wine Pairings"

Powerpoint slides handout

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lisa Medrow - "Kids Eat Right"

Powerpoint slides handout

Lori A. Kaley, MS, RD, LD, MSB (for Joe Quinn) - "Healthier, Affordable Food for Communities: Walmart's Commitment"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Heather Petty - "The Heart of a Leader"

 Powerpoint slides pdf

Dayle Hayes - "School Meals that Rock: The new Rules and Regs"

 Handout personally provided by speaker at her session.

Becky Warren - "Pediatric Enteral Feedings from Formula to Blenderized Foods"

Link for six page ed handout from Seattle Children's Hospital:
Presentation notes
Powerpoint slides pdf

Beth Hall - "Nutrition for the Fight: Oncology Nutrition"

 Powerpoint slides pdf

Lindsay Ganong - "The Role of the Registered Dietitian in the Nutrition Bank: Working Towards Community Food Security"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Deborah Jones - "Culinary Medicine Cook Shop"

 Healthy For You, Recipe Modification for Healthy Hearts HANDOUT

Tami Waite - "Renal Nutrition 101"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Natalie Bucher - "Public Policy Matters"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Jenny Montague - "Incorporating Local Foods into School Food Service"

 Powerpoint slides handout

Krystie Nelson - "Nutrition Therapy and Wound Healing"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Cristin Stokes and Lynn Paul - "Research and Practice of Health at Every Size (HAES): Is HAES for You or Your Clients?"

Handouts provided by presenter during her presentation.

Virginia Mermel - "Addressing Hunger in our Schools"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Friday, May 31, 2013

Marta Van Loan - "The Role of Dairy Foods in Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes"

Powerpoint slides pdf

Patti Steinmuller - "Dietetic Scope of Practice"

Profession of Nutrition and Dietetics Diagram from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Comprehensive Scope of Practice Resources include HANDOUT
Powerpoint slides pdf (grayscale)


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